Sunday, December 04, 2011

After the Dust Settled...

Well, the quarter ended, and contrary to what I believed at times, I got everything done on time. The morning after I finished my Stats final, we drove to Utah for Thanksgiving and just got back a week ago. I feel like it's taken until now to decompress, get caught up on everything, and feel normal again. It also helped that I found out I passed the language proficiency exam (21/30 which is exactly what I needed to pass...phew!), and I aced my classes (A in Stats? Yes, please).

It's crazy to think that other than interning part time for a few more weeks, I am completely done with my masters degree. It's been such a great experience, and I feel that I have grown so much while here. Moving on to a new chapter in life is always a little scary, but I'm also really excited for what's to come. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a great year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The End Is In Sight...

On Tuesday I attended my last class at DU. Today I finished and printed off my last term paper for grad school. Tomorrow I will turn it in and study for my Statistics final on Saturday. After that, I will be completely done with classes at DU. I will just have to finish up my internship in January and possibly take an online Spanish class if it turns out I failed the language proficiency exam, and then I will be officially finished. It seems so crazy that it's already time to start seriously job hunting. What happened to the last two years? 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Midterm Time

Bright and early Saturday morning, I took my Statistics midterm. I was pretty nervous about it since it was worth 50% of our grade and only 30 questions long. It was, however, nice to walk into a class, sit down, fill out some bubbles on a scantron sheet, and be finished. No justifying, defending, or explaining. Just filling out bubbles and knowing there is a right and a wrong answer for each. It's been a long time since I've had a test like that. Almost every class I've had in both the undergraduate and graduate level have required papers instead of tests, and although I love writing and am fairly good at it, it was nice to actually take a test.

Taking my Stats test marked the halfway point in this quarter. That leaves one 3 page paper, one 10 page paper, one 25 page paper, one 3 hour group presentation, one language proficiency exam, and one final test left this quarter. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to fit all of that as well as my internship into the next five weeks and still do well on all of it, but somehow, it always seems to work out.

It's crazy to think that after this quarter, I'm done. No more tests, papers, or classes. Just the job hunt that follows. Ugh, that sounds even worse. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Down, 28 to Go...

Not my real paper chain

A few weeks ago, I registered for an extra class. This means that not only will I be really busy with three classes, Spanish lessons, an internship, and taking the language proficiency exam, but also that this is my last real quarter with classes. In the winter I will be getting internship credits, but my internship will already be completed.

Today after class, I realized that I will only be sitting in a classroom 28 more times before I graduate. In order to commemorate this, I made a paper chain with 28 links. Every time I get home from a class, I will remove a link. I'm having a hard time believing that I am this close to finishing, and even though I am nervous about trying to find a job once I'm done, I have a feeling that I am going to love my classes and that this will be one of the best quarters yet.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peruvian Promise

Hey everybody!

There's only a week left in the Global Giving Campaign, and we are in 5th place for having the most donors! The top three spots get an extra scholarship, so we'd love to get a few more donors to help us move up a little bit.

Thanks to all of you that have already donated, and for those of you who haven't, if you could click on the link below and donate, even $1, I would highly appreciate it!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Peruvian Hearts

Visiting The Hogar, the orphanage Peruvian Hearts funds, in June

As most of you already know, I am interning with Peruvian Hearts, a great organization that funds an orphanage in Peru and is starting Peruvian Promise, an empowerment program for girls. We were selected by Global Giving to have the chance at earning a permanent spot on their web site, but first we have to raise $4,000 by 50 individual donors this month! I was hoping all of you may be able to go to the link below and donate, even if it's just $5 (you can pick the amount at the bottom).

Peruvian Hearts is such a great organization that does such great work, and I would be forever grateful if you could help us out!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Time

After returning from South America, I was worried the rest of summer would be anticlimactic. However, it's only been two weeks and I've already found plenty of things to be excited about.

Aerial Dance Classes

I'm starting aerial dance classes this week at Miraas Aerial. My Human Rights and the Role of Women professor from last quarter also teaches here, and I'm excited to try something new and different.

New Running Shoes

I wore my old running shoes every single day for 5 weeks in Peru. It was time to replace them. I got to test these out running around Estes Park Lake the other day, and they are fantastic.

Interning for Peruvian Hearts

I've started my internship for Peruvian Hearts and absolutely love it. I was able to visit the orphanage they fund while in Peru, and it ended up being one of my very favorite parts of the trip. I was extra excited to learn that they are starting an empowerment program for girls, and I can't wait to see how it goes!

Babysitting my Nephews and Niece

Who wouldn't want to babysit these kids while their parents get some time away?

Hiking and Camping

I am so excited to go camping and hiking a whole bunch before I have a Saturday morning Stats class in the Fall.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell to Spring Quarter

I have been so uninspired lately as far as blogging goes. Maybe now that the quarter has finished, I will be able to relax a little bit and get some inspiration back.

I turned in my last final paper and attended my last class of the quarter today. In all honestly, I felt a little sad. My two classes (Human Rights and the Role of Women & Theories of Non-Violence 2) were some of the best classes I've taken. That leaves me with only three more classes and an internship until I graduate (hopefully in March!). Luckily, I'm pretty excited about the classes I have lined up and the possible internships I've been interviewing for.

I leave next week for five weeks in South America and am looking forward to the change in scenery and culture. I think it will be a much needed break and an incredible experience.

Well, trip planning and internship interview preparing await, so I'm off.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Weeks

3 weeks
2 presentations
2 final papers
2 house guests
1 final exam
1 doctor appointment
1 internship interview (hopefully!)

And then?

5 weeks in Peru.

Now if only I can make it until then.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week Seven

It is week seven which means a few things:

1) The dreaded registration for Winter Quarter. Registration always seems stressful, especially since I mostly need International classes and they are really difficult to get into. As always, things will most likely change up until the first week of classes, but as of now I am planning on taking Theories of Non-Violence II and Human Rights and the Role of Women. I'm really excited for both classes. Before I started this program, I never thought I would be taking so many gender classes, but I think after my first class here (Culture, Gender, and Global Communications) I was hooked (thanks Margie!). I'm still interested in taking human rights courses and working with refugees when I graduate, but I'm definitely interested in gender issues as well.

2) Three and a half weeks left until the end of the quarter. Both of my classes have had weekly papers, and I am happy that this is my last week of those. That leaves me a few weeks to finish up my final papers. For Gender and Health, I am writing a paper about HIV/AIDS in Kenya and how exposure and treatment are different for men and women. For International and Intercultural Comm, I am writing about how cultural differences led to the the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007/2008. I'm pretty excited about I just need to start researching and writing!

3) Six weeks of Spanish lessons. They are getting increasingly more difficult, but my tutor, Mariela, makes it enjoyable and easy to understand. Learning Spanish seems like such a daunting task, but she makes me feel like it's not impossible.

It's hard to believe that in May I will be registering for my last quarter of classes at DU, and in a year, I will be finishing up my internship and getting ready to graduate! I'm excited to get to that point, but I'm also really excited for what is to come before then.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Shoeing...

...a winter escape that keeps me sane.

Week 3 of Winter Quarter

One of my unofficial resolutions this year (I never took the time to actually make any solid ones) was to update my blog it is now the 18th of January, you can see how that is going. :)

Since yesterday was a holiday, today was the beginning of Week 3 for this quarter...that means that I am already 1/5 of the way through, and at the end of this week, I will nearly be 1/3 of the way finished. I’m not sure I will ever get used to 10-week quarters.

After adding and dropping classes a lot the first week of the quarter (due to scheduling issues, incorrect class descriptions, and classes I just didn’t want to take), I ended up with Foundations in International and Intercultural Communication (the second of my required courses) and Gender and Health. Though I never really thought about taking Gender and Health I’m pretty excited about it. So far it seems interesting and will fit in nicely with my human rights concentration.

In addition, I am taking private Spanish lessons six hours a week. Spanish stresses me out much more than either of my “real” classes, but I really like my tutor and feel like she’ll get me to the point where I can pass the proficiency test (hopefully by the summer!). I’m also hoping to be able to speak a little bit for my trip to Peru this summer.

Overall, I feel really great about this quarter. Not only do I have classes I love, but the end of this quarter will mark the halfway point through my program. I’m excited to finish the schooling part of my life, but am also really excited for the classes and internship to come. Now, I’m off to write two papers...oh the joys of grad school. :)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Obligatory End-of-Year Post

As I spent New Year's Eve driving for 10 hours on crappy Wyoming roads and ended up getting stranded in Cheyenne, I started to reflect on what a crazy year 2010 has been. If someone would have asked me in November 2009 what 2010 would hold, I never could have guessed where it would take me. It involved many unexpected (and sometimes frightening) things including:

  • Quitting my job
  • Moving to Denver
  • Starting graduate school
  • Gaining a niece and a nephew
  • Traveling to a new city (Mexico City)
  • Visiting one of my favorite places (New York) to see one of my favorite people
  • Discovering a new favorite place (Estes Park)
  • Getting a dog
  • Making some great new friends
  • Starting to learn a new language
  • Discovering that I’m capable of much more than I ever thought

I can’t wait to see what surprises 2011 has in store!