Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where Do These Salt Lake Men Come From?

Yesterday, I was walking home and talking to my sister on the phone. Up ahead, a car was pulling out of a condo building’s parking lot in front of me to get to the street. The driver was probably in his early 30s and was dressed in a white shirt and tie. At a glance, he seemed like a decent, normal guy. As he pulled directly in front of me, he rolled down his window. He looked at me as if he needed directions or something, so I told my sister to hold on for a second. He then said, “oh baby, oh baby” and made gestures with his hands as if he were grabbing my chest. He drove off. I must admit that I was sort of in shock for a minute. Is this behavior acceptable? Does a nicely dressed man in his 30s who is responsible enough to have a nice car and a condo really think that’s appropriate behavior or that it will get him anywhere?

I’ve had a few other odd experiences with men on the street since living in Salt Lake. Once, a man in his 50s was walking behind me on the sidewalk. I scooted to the right to allow him to pass. As he walked by, he ran face first into a tree. As if this were not awkward enough, he turned around and said, "I turned around to check you out and the tree jumped out and hit me." I gave a nervous laugh and just slowed my walking so he would get ahead of me more quickly.

Then there was the time I was proposed to by a stranger on the street (also in his 50s). I simply said, “not today” and kept walking.

I think this has less to do with my looks than the fact that these guys are so desperate. Men, take this hint from me. You will not get girls by making lewd gestures or blatantly hitting on girls 30 years younger than you on the street. Try a nice social setting like church....or a least then the girls will (hopefully) be drunk enough to appreciate your pick-up tactics.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Power of Chocolate

“Hello, this is Cassi.”

“Hi (man who sounds like he is in his late 20s or early 30s). I was just wondering if you were going to have that chocolate event that you had last year.”

“Chocolate Carnivale? No, we actually decided not to hold it this year.”

“Really? That’s disappointing because there's this girl in California and the only way that she’ll come out to visit me is if I take her to that event.”

“Sorry, we decided to change the event. Instead of Chocolate Carnivale, we are going to have a Young Women’s Leadership Summit. It’s a half day event with speakers and –“

“But I can’t go to that.”

“Well, it is only for women, but it’s a completely different event. We won’t even have the chocolate.”

“Oh, dang it because the girl said she would only come out here if she could go to that event.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t have the looks or the money, so I have to do what I can to get the ladies.”

“Well, sorry I can’t help you out...”

“It’s okay. I have three ex-wives, so I’m used to rejection.”

Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I wrote 25 random things about me for facebook, so I figured I would post it here as well.

1. I’ve broken my left wrist three times.

2. My brother ran over my ankle with a car when I was in 5th grade….twice (I hopped out of the moving car and tripped. He ran over it, and thought he was still on it, so he backed back over it). Nobody at school believed me because it didn’t break.

3. I am terrified of going down (ladders, hills, etc)…and spiders.

4. I got my Bachelors degree in three years.

5. I would like to work for the UN someday.

6. I grew up with a lot of pets, and loved them, but I never want to have pets again.

7. Throughout the past few years, I have gained an incredible sense of smell (I get it from my mom). It drives me crazy because a lot of smells are overpowering and make me nauseous now.

8. In all honesty, I don’t really want a wedding…I would much rather elope.

9. I also don’t ever want diamonds.

10. I don’t own a TV and sort of hope I never do again.

11. I hate most vegetables, but force myself to eat them in the hopes that someday I will learn to like them.

12. I feel I’m a good public speaker and would love to give inspirational speeches for a living.

13. I am very goal oriented and have to have something to be working toward.

14. I typically get along with boys far better than girls.

15. I have a horrible memory.

16. I used to love cooking, but now that my kitchen is the size of a closet, I never do it anymore.

17. I keep waiting for the day when I’ll feel like I’m an adult (I’m 26).

18. I hate making decisions.

19. I have an unexplained hatred for U2.

20. I make my bed every morning, and then when it’s time for bed, I pull those blankets off and use other ones to sleep with. When I don’t make my bed in the morning, it drives me crazy all day long.

21. I love shoes (especially heels) and have way too many pairs.

22. I like sushi, but only if I cut it up into smaller pieces…otherwise it makes me gag.

23. I have never mastered the skill of using chopsticks even though I’ve tried countless times.

24. If I laugh too hard or too long, my jaw locks up.

25. It has taken me HOURS to come up with this list (although to my defense I am busy doing other things as well).