Monday, February 25, 2013

Denver, Where’s the Love?

Colorado isn't all bad

It’s hard to believe that as of next month, I will have lived in Denver for three years. To be completely honest, I haven’t loved living here. This is mostly my fault because I didn’t really get involved in a lot of activities or see a lot of the state because I figured that once I finished graduate school, we’d move away.

It’s now been a year since I finished school, and it looks like we’ll be staying for the next few years, so this year, I decided to challenge myself to learn to love Denver and Colorado. Nic has decided to participate in this challenge even though he already has a lot more love for Colorado than I do. :)

As part of this challenge, we are going to try to explore more of Colorado. This will include weekend trips to different parts of the state as well as more hiking and camping. We even decided to replace our annual international trip with a trip to Mesa Verde. We are also going to try to get more involved through volunteer work and other activities and events.

I’m not convinced that this challenge will make me want to stay in Colorado forever, but I am hoping to discover all it has to offer and fully enjoy our time here. 

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